The Noir Dress

Author: Lulu Edge  Date Posted:4 December 2019 

Noir Dress with Chequered Tape

It could not have been more perfect. Just as I had been idly musing in my walk-in wardrobe about the evening that lay ahead... (clad in silk robe only… fingers wandering... ‘will I let him? How far? Should I show him everything I now knew and what that could make him do? Oh god, can’t scare the poor man this early in the piece... or can I?’ I couldn’t help feeling a dizzying mix of excitement and arousal)... and lingering over what to wear, I heard our mail delivery.

‘Like it was meant to be,’ I thought as I excitedly unwrapped the beautifully presented parcel. It was stunning. The handmade wetlook dress was everything it promised to be, and just stroking the fabric nestled in tissue stirred me... surprising even me with my reaction. I studied the name – Noir – and smiled to myself... black deeds indeed in this one.

I dropped my robe. Lingerie? Not a chance; this dress was sheer underwear as outerwear.  Slipping the dress over each leg I couldn’t help but moan as I felt the glossy fabric glide over my skin then snugly hug the curve of my ass. I arched my back as I lifted one strap, then the other, over each shoulder, and smoothed the round firm cups around each breast. My hands couldn’t help themselves, and continued on, down over my torso, smoothing and stroking and relishing the feel of the wetlook on my skin and my body clasped within it. The slow zip up felt akin to a building climax, GOD. I’d never felt so sexy; the dress felt almost part of me, and glancing in the mirror I gasped – I screamed desire from head to toe.

‘That decides it,’... as I hugged myself with delicious glee... ‘he gets everything’.

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